Sleeping Dogs’ Combat Trailer is Full of Kung-Fu Fighting

If you’re curious as to how combat will work in United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs, wonder no more as Square Enix has just released a trailer detailing exactly just that.

The game’s setting being in Hong Kong clearly is an inspiration to the development team to create “Hong Kong Cinematic Action” (hey, it’s their words not mine!). In other words, expect lots of kung-fu and martial arts to permeate the game’s combat.

Aside from that, the trailer also shows off the multitude of upgrades players can earn within the game. You want to knee people in the ribs? You can! What about doing a picture-perfect roundhouse kick? Yep, that too!

The game seems to focus on hard hits and bone-crunching moves when it comes to melee. To spice things up a bit, the game will also showcase weapons and weapon-variable moves (weapon disarming, etc).

You didn’t think I forgot about the game’s violent “takedowns,” have you? In what’s sure to be the game’s main selling point when it comes to combat, Sleeping Dogs will offer environmental-specific finishing moves that range from bloody to downright nasty.

Sleeping Dogs will be out this August 14 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.