Rumor: Lord of the Rings LEGO Leaked by Retailer

It looks like the next IP to be given the “LEGO treatment” will be none other than Tolkien’s beloved fantasy series The Lord of the Rings…if online retailer ShopTo is to be believed.

The site shows the game in its database with a release date of October 26 later this year. Other than that, it’s not known if it pertains to the movie or book IP. It’s also not known if it will entail the whole trilogy or just the first book.

If this is indeed true, chances are it’s being developed by Traveller’s Tales once again as they’re known to be the LEGO-centric developers this gen.

Here’s the screenshot and judge for yourself.


Now, keep in mind that this isn’t an outright confirmation, but retailers often do get info regarding games and their release dates well ahead of the gaming press and the general public.

We’ll update the situation as more news develops.

Source: AGB