Report: Microsoft to Unveil Kinect Play Fit, “Joule” Heart Monitor

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is set to unveil a new Xbox 360 dashboard update that will include a cross-app tracking system for people who play exercise games and its ilk.

According to their sources, it will be called Kinect Play Fit and it will allow users to to track their progress, heart-rate, etc. across most Kinect games. Supposedly, this new feature will track stats and metrics via cloud computing.

Speaking of heart-rate, it’s also been reported that Microsoft is set to unveil a new hardware accessory codenamed “Joule” that will accompany the Kinect Play Fit service.

Joule will be a a heart-rate monitor that will let Kinect users track how good (or bad) their heart-rate is wirelessly. It will also ensure any exercise you choose is the right one for you be it for weight-loss, cross-fitness, etc.

However, no word has been detailed as to when Microsoft officially will release the product unto the wild. No pricing details have been shared, too.

It’s widely speculated that Microsoft will unveil a new dashboard for the Xbox 360 at this year’s E3, If so, that might also be the best time to announce Kinect Play Fit as well, no?

Source: The Verge