EA Reveals BF3 Numbers, New Downloads Planned for May, June

While EA might not have wrestled the FPS crown from current king Activision and the Call of Duty franchise, it did manage to do what it sought out to do with Battlefield 3.

During EA’s fiscal report, the company revealed that just this March alone, there were 6.3 million people playing Battlefield 3 across all three platforms.

Not only that, but they also revealed that there will be new “content downloads” in May and in June. Wait, a sec, we’re already IN May! While it’s been previously announced that the game’s second expansion Close Quarters will be out sometime in June, there has been no word on any map, DLC of any kind coming out for the game this month.

Of course, this could just mean that the Close Quarters DLC will be out in early June and with PS3 players getting it a week early, it will be out in May. If this news indeed pertains to this, that’s kind of a letdown, no?

In any case, are you one of the six million players who played the game last March? Are you excited for more content for BF3?

Source: Eurogamer