Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscribers Dropped 400,000 Since Feb

During EA’s annual fiscal report, the publisher revealed that its MMORPG horse Star Wars: The Old Republic currently has 1.3 million active subscribers –a significant drop from February’s subscriber base which peaked at 1.7 million active players.

It’s not all doom-and-gloom for the publisher though as it has netted a cool annual income of $76 million for this fiscal year — a significant turnaround, given that the same time last year the publisher posted a loss of $276 million within the same time-frame.

EA mentioned strong results for traditional boxed games such as Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and SSX.  Even with the results, EA still maintains its focus on digital sales and microtransactions.

One good example of this would be the publisher’s statement that its FIFA franchise had its best year ever; with FIFA 12 racking up $108 million in downloads and microtransactions alone. While full game downloads were up an astounding 76 percent year-on-year.

Aside from this, EA’s F2P brand called Play4Free is also bringing in a healthy $2 million each week.

Total digital revenue for the fiscal year is pegged at 1.2 billion, a significant 42 percent increase compared to last year.

This brings the publisher’s total revenue for the fiscal year at around $4.14 billion, and up form $3.59 billion last year.

Electronics Art CEO John Riccitiello had this to say regarding their strong digital sales.

We are proud to report a strong quarter and a fiscal year highlighted with $1.2 billion of digital revenue

In the coming year, we break away from the pack, with a very different profile than the traditional game companies and capabilities that none of our new digital competitors can match

Also mentioned in the report is that EA will be allocating $80 million to invest over the next year on “development of games for Gen4 console systems.” Which simply means, “we’re investing a lot of money into next-gen.”

Congrats, EA! Here’s to more continued success — that is, if they can hear me over all the money coming in.

Source: GameTrailers