Diablo III Inferno Mode – Even the Testers Feel the Heat

The time to say goodbye to our social lives comes closer as Diablo III nears its release date of May 15.

Newcomers bare the same amount of anticipation and excitement as the old veterans, but one thing that separates the two is the thirst for challenge.

Challenge is exactly what those warriors will get who surpass the Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulties – three infamous modes that have carried from the previous Diablo games. But the truly hungry will look at Inferno mode with the most interest – a mode unlocked after completing the main three difficulties.

Information gathered by an interview of Blizzard rep Jay Wilson with IGN suggests that the Inferno mode is so tough, that even the hardcore testers and developers themselves have a hard time playing it.

Only available to level 60 players (maximum level), the Inferno mode’s difficulty was set with some of the most elite game testers in Blizzard. And just when they thought the difficulty was hard enough, Blizzard decided to increase it a notch.

“We doubled it. Because we knew, no matter how good we are, our players are going to be better.”

“We focused on making [Inferno] as difficult as we could make it.”

But the excruciating difficulty won’t come unrewarded; the greatest and most unique loot will be featured in Inferno mode. In other words, it’ll be a haven for those looking for the most amazing items in the game.

Despite its apparently immense difficulty, it will still be possible to solo Inferno, though players working in groups and playing co-op will have an easier time.

So, do you think you have what it takes to walk on Sanctuary in Inferno mode, slaying every foul creature that comes in front of you, no matter its strength?