Blizzard Announces New Features for Starcraft II

Blizzard is busy in the works as it finalizes the release of Diablo III.

But that isn’t the only game under the focus; the developers are intended on maintaining their massive reputation, as in the most recent Developer Update Chris Sigaty announced several features coming with and around the release of the Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm expansion.

This does include a lot of stuff that the large Starcarft II community has been wishing for, such as clan support and cross-region play. However, there is still no LAN support, but the progressive is commendable nevertheless.

Here’s the list of additions to expect:

Multiplayer Resume from Replay: This is a work-around for the lack of LAN support, and the seldom trouble in eSports events of players disconnecting. This feature allows a match in which a player disconnected to be resumed where it left off right from the replay file.

Global Play: Like Diablo III, Starcraft II will now allow players to create profiles in any region they choose. However, your ladder ranking will still be region-locked, though nothing will prevent you from reaching Grandmaster in all of the regions – all that also comes with multi-language support.

Clan/group System: Yes, this means you can enjoy 4v4 under an official name for your group/clan. Though no details were given, we’re expecting additional clan-related services such as chat rooms and something similar to Diablo’s banner system.

Unranked Matchmaking: You no longer have to worry about your ladder rankings taking the hit because of casual play. If it’s just stress-relief or enjoyment you’re looking for without compromising your ranking, then unranked matches are available for you.

Multiplayer Replay Viewing: You can now replay and view your multiplayer games along with your teammates to further redeem your flaws and make yourself a force to be reckoned with.