Sniper Elite V2 Achievement and Trophy Guide

Blowing off heads using a sniper rifle is always a fun activity and Rebillion’s Sniper Elite V2 gives you a platform to show off your sniping skills in different ways.

Apart from its single-player storyline and engaging multiplayer mode, one can also start hunting for the achievements to earn some extra Gamer Points.

Some of these achievements are story-related, and you can’t really miss them but for the others, you will have to revisit some of the chapters.

And if you are having any difficulty in fulfilling the requirements for any of the achievements, the following guide can help you in achieving your goals.

Sniper Elite V2 Story Related Achievements

These achievements are pretty straight forward and you will have them by simply playing the single-player campaign of the game:

Trainee Sniper (20)
Escape the German Assualt

Mousetrap Fuse (10)
Use a trip mine to kill an enemy who is trying to assault your position

Novice Sniper (20)
Escape the German assault

Apprentice Sniper (20)
Destroy the V2 Facility and escape to safety

Journeyman Sniper (20)
Hold off the Russian advance”Story related, cannot be missed.”

Front and Center – 10
Get a scoped headshot over 150m

Skilled Sniper (20)
Stop the execution

Pro Sniper (20)
Collect intel from the church and make it out alive

Expert Sniper (20)
Eliminate Müller

Master Sniper (20)
Uncover Wolff’s plan

Veteran Sniper (20)
Discover the location of the V2 launch site

Feared Sniper (20)
Destroy the V2 rocket

Legendary Sniper (65)
Prevent Wolff from escaping

Sniper Elite (100)
Complete all missions on highest difficulty

You can directly play the game on the highest (Sniper Elite) difficulty but there are some spots in the game that may give you problems.

Those who don’t play shooting games much should play the game at normal or easy difficulty first (while playing on lower difficulty, you can also go for collectibles related achievements) before switching to the Sniper Elite difficulty.

Sniper Elite V2 Collectibles Related/Other Achievements

Hide and Hope (50)
Complete a level without being shot a single time

Prologue is the obvious choice to fulfill the requirement for this achievement as it’s short and relatively easier than the other levels in the game.

You should try to be patient and cautious at every step as if you are hit even once, you will have to start over from the beginning.

Make Every Bullet Count (25)
Complete a level with 100% accuracy, using only rifles

You should restart Prologue and skip the tutorial. For the rest, make sure that you don’t miss any target with your sniper. Keep in mind that you’re bound to use the sniper rifle only as per requirement.

Cooking Off (20)
Snipe a grenade on an enemy’s webbing from 100m

This achievement can be a tricky one as you will have to spot a grenade first and then shoot it accurately. In Mission 4 however, you will see an incoming vehicle. You can shoot the webbing (the grenade of course) of the driver to get this achievement.

Detonator (20)
Career total of 50 shots on explosives

You will get sufficient chances to shoot the explosives (like grenades, cannon shells and barrels, etc) during the campaign.

Make sure that you avail every opportunity, and if you fall short, you can select a spot where you can shoot a barrel and keep on restarting the checkpoint until you have fulfilled the requirement.

Kilroy was Here (15)
Make it through the tower to the winch room without being spotted

The achievement will start when you get to the stairs of the tower. You need to stay low and adopt a path that won’t get you spotted by the enemy. Yes, that’s possible. Reload the checkpoint if you are caught.

Fish Tank (15)
Send the tank into the river by blowing up the bridge

During the third mission, when you are supposed to blow up the bridge using the explosives, wait for the tank to reach the bomb and then blow off the bombs. This may well fulfill the requirement for the achievement.

High and Mighty (15)
Wipe out the Elite Russian Sniper Team from the rooftops

In mission 8, there will be a point after the cut-scene where you will have to lay prone to stay safe from the snipers at the rooftop. There are 8 of them and you need to take out all of them to get this achievement.

Get Off the Ground (15)
Kill everyone in the convoy from ground level, except for Kreidl.

On mission 1, you will have to shoot some convoys. Shoot the explosives and then shoot Kreidl. Don’t shoot any other enemy from above and head outside the building. Once, you are on the ground, shoot rest of the enemies headed your way to get this achievement.

Double Dose (20)
Snipe 2 people with one shot

This can be made possible anywhere but the first Mission is your best shot. Stealth kill the first soldier and wait for the other two to align in a straight line. Aim for their heads and you can unlock this achievement.

Pass the Buck (30)
Get a sniped ricochet headshot

It may seem impossible at first but if you can get the angle and distance right, you can make a bullet bounce of the ground and get a head-shot. The following video will show you how to do that:

Gold Rush (50)
Find and retrieve all the stolen gold bars

There are 100 gold bars you need find in the game. Follow our Gold Bar Locations Guide to get this achievement.

Jungle Juice (50)
Find and snipe all the hidden bottles throughout the game

You need to find all (37) bottles throughout the game. Follow our Hidden Bottles Locations Guide to get this achievement.

Head Honcho (20)
Get 100 sniped headshots

100 head-shots may sound too much, but it will be cumulative score form all the game modes. You can restart checkpoints or chapters to get the required number of kills

Gung Ho (20)
Snipe 100 moving targets

Actually, you will have to shoot the running targets as shooting the patrolling men won’t count in the cumulative score. Keep on playing the game, and you will get his achievement.

World Record (30)
Get 506 cumulative sniper kills

Shoot as many enemies as you can with your sniper to fulfill the requirement.

Potato Masher (20)
Kill 100 enemies with explosives

Explosives are grenades, trip wires, land mines etc fall into the category of explosives. This is also a cumulative achievement so you can also rely on the slow and steady approach.

Iron Lung (20)
Hold your breath for a cumulative time of half an hour

There will be plenty of occasions where you will have to hold your breath to steady your aim. The total time will be added to the total every time you do that, regardless of the mode you are playing in.

Go the Distance (20)
Get a cumulative sniped kill distance of a marathon

Each time you shoot a target from distance, it will add up to your total score. You need to reach 26 miles of distant shooting to get this achievement.

Dead Eye (10)
Snipe an enemy through his eye

How about popping up an eye? If you can blow off a head, you can also destroy an eye. Just keep shooting the heads, and you will unlock this achievement.

Silent But Deadly (10)
Covertly kill 25 unaware enemies

Simply put, you need to stealth kill enemies from behind. You will kill an enemy from behind in the first mission, and you can repeat the procedure at different points throughout the game.

If you can’t do that, you should restart the checkpoint and get the kill every time in the first mission until you reach the required number.

Fuel Tank (10)
Destroy a tank by sniping the fuel supply

You will have to shoot a tank’s fuel cap to get this achievement. Earlier in the game, while playing the first mission, you will see a tank coming, which will stop in the middle of the road.

The fuel caps and quite small targets to shoot. You will have to be accurate if you want to blow up the tank by shooting its fuel cap.

Ear plugs (10)
Snipe an enemy while your rifle fire is masked by a loud sound

When the second mission begins, you will find an enemy standing in a watch tower. Aim for him and wait for the alarm to sound (an icon will be displayed on the top right of your screen) and when you hear the sound, shoot the enemy to unlock this achievement.

Snipe Elite V2 – Online Achievements

Can Do! (20)
Complete all co-op Overwatch Missions

As simple as possible. All you need to do is play all three co-op Overwatch mission to grab 20 straight points.

Bomb Happy (20)
Survive 10 Games of bombing run

You will need a partner who preferably has a headset to unlock this achievement. The requirement is pretty straight forward; you need to survive 10 game of bombing run.

Bedpan Commando (20)
Resuscitate your partner in coop 10 times

If you have been playing co-op with a friend for some time, you may already have unlocked this achievement. You can do it fast be letting your partner get down intentionally by the enemies so that you can revive him.

Target Eliminated (30)
As a sniper in Overwatch, snipe 50 enemies tagged by your partner

In Sniper Elite V2, you can tag the enemies so that the partners can spot them and shoot. You need to take out 50 tagged enemies at least to unlock this achievement.

Target Spotted! (30)
As a spotter in Overwatch, tag 50 enemies

Just keep on tagging the enemies for your partners and you will have this achievement ultimately.