GameStop Leaks Hitman Absolution’s “Sniper Challenge” Ahead of Schedule

IO Interactive has just stated (via their Facebook page) that they’re doing “major” announcement regarding Hitman Absolution this coming May 10 and as is per the usual with the internet, the proposed announcement seems to have already leaked online.

The purported major announcement seems to be that of a “sniper challenge” for Agent 47. Now, it’s online but I highly doubt it will let players snipe each other…it’s more akin to that of challenges where everyone needs to beat everyone else by having a better score.

The poster highlights that there will be “Replayable Sniper Missions,” “Exclusive Sniper Upgrades,” and “Awesome Prize Packages for Top Players.”

Now, while all that sounds well and good, what’s more interesting here is that the poster clearly states that pre-ordering the game (at GameStop, obviously) will let you start “competing” today!

By today, I presume it means May 10; if so, does that mean a private demo of the game will be out for pre-order customers? Sure seems like it as the blurb underneath it states that players can pick up their codes at the time of their pre-order.

Hitman Absolution

So, will this be enough for you to pre-order the game? Agent 47 will start taking names later this year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.