Risen 2 Skills Trainers Locations Guide – How To Learn Every Skill

Trainers in Risen 2 are your teachers; they can train you with different skills, and these skills can come in handy during your quests.

There are several trainers, and each have a special skill they can teach you. You will either have to do a favor or pay them before they agree to train you.

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Risen 2 Trainers – Tacarigua

All the trainers you can find on the island of Tacarigua.

Location. You can find him on the second floor of Booze’s tavern, by the distillery. Complete the quest ‘The Sugar Shipment’ and talk to him. He is a Distiller so if you serve him good, he may teach you his trade.

Location. You can find him at his workshop in the Pirate’s Den. He is an artisan, talk to him to learn his trade. He can help you learn shoot better.

Location. He is the owner of the Pirate Tavern, behind the bar, in the settlement. He is a bartender by trade and can help you learn the art of intimidation and neutralizing wounds.

Location. He is the pirate under the orders of Captain Steelbeard. He is guarding the west entrance to the pirate’s settlement. He will offer to teach you himself when you go on a quest to kick some crabs.

Location. You can find him in the Pirate’s Den, in front of the Booze’s tavern. You can learn to slash and parry like a pro from him.

Location. He is a merchant. You can find him in the west part of the pirates’ settlement. You can learn some dirty tricks from him.

Location. She is a prostitute. You can find her at Booze’s tavern. You can learn Silver Tongue skill from her.

Location. He is a thief by trade and a specialist. You will come across him several times. You can either free him and talk to him in Booze’ tavern or talk to him while he is serving his time in prison.

In any case, you will have to pay the learn the art of pick pocketing. Which is handy skill to have when you are living among the pirates.

Location. He represents Inquisition. You can find him in Puerto Sacarico, on the bench, in front of the barracks. He can teach you all sorts of combat things.

Location. He is the blacksmith in the Pirates’ Den. You can find him at his workshop by the Booze’s tavern. You can pay to learn forging.

Risen 2 Trainers – The Sword Coast

All the trainers you can find on the The Sword Coast.

Location. Complete the ‘Free Tahana quest’ for him to start trading. He can teach how to throw weapons.

Location. She is the witch of the Natives village and she can teach you the secrets of the voodoo magic. Persuade her by siding with the Natives.

Location. He is the warrior from the Natives village and can teach you toughness.

Location. He is teach you how to steal effectively. You can find indulging himself in the drinking in the Natives village.

Location. She is the bartender from Puerto Isabella. She can teach you how to intimidate, Bulletproof and Liquid charge skill.

Location. He can found in front of the inquisition garrison in Puerto Isabella. He can teach you forging.

Location. He is the gunsmith at the workshop in Puerto Isabella, opposite to the Inquisition’s barracks.

Location. He is the officer from the Inquisition’s barracks and will agree to train if you side with his organization. He can train you in the art of blade fighting and weapons.

Risen 2 Trainers – Antigua

All the trainers you can find on the Antigua.

Location. He is the bouncer outside the port city’s tavern. Bug him to an extent that you receive the Beat ‘Em Up quest. He will train you in the arts of kick-boxing.

Location. He is the innkeeper of the port city’s tavern. You can find him behind the bar. Engage him during Procure Fresh Supplies from Tacarigua quest to learn intimidate, bulletproof and liquid courage skills.

Location. She is the prostitute in the port city’s tavern. You will find her on the first floor. You can learn silver tongue from her.

Location. He is port city’s blacksmith. Complete ‘The Cannon’ quest to engage him and learn forging.

Location. He is the pistol maker; engage him during Shooting Match with Henri quest.

Location. He is the pirate standing outside the port city, who is guarding the entrance to the jungle. He can train you in slashing weapons, power attack, parry and reposte.

Location. You can learn Monkey trainer, parrot trainer, old trickster and dirty tricks from him. He also has a secret stash of items which you can get access to.

Location. He can train you fencing if you complete ‘The Cunning Captain’ quest.