Mists of Pandaria Stormstout Brewery Dungeon Guide

Inside the mysterious world of Pandaria, there is this place where people get drunk in the sea of addictive beverages like alcohol and beer. However, you my friend, aren’t going in there to get drunk as you have a noble cause to pursue.

Your objective in the dungeon would be to free the Stormstout from the evil shadows and hand it over this Pandaria’s precious landmark to Stormstout clan. Are you ready to be a conqueror yet again? Good, let’s get things started.

Mist of Pandaria Strormstout Walkthrough

Since it’s a dungeon and not a bar where you will be warmly welcomes so you should keep your enemies that will keep on attacking you until you reach the first boss.

They won’t trouble you much, but it doesn’t mean that you can just ignore them. The counter at the bottom of your screen will let you know about the number of creatures you, and your group has taken down.

Fight With Ook-Ook
You will soon find out that you are going to fight with a giant monkey at the end. Now the tank will do it’s job to keep the boss distracted as long as it can.

Other members should really avoid direct confrontation in front of the boss as due to its ground proud ability, which can affect targets in front of it conically and even stun them.

The minions in the perimeter will throw explosive barrels at you which if you are hit with, you will receive a massive 50,000 physical damage. So, it’s obvious that you need to keep your eyes opened and avoid these barrels at any cost. However, you can use these barrels against the boss monkey.

You can jump on these rolling barrels by clicking them before they strike you. After successfully taking control of a barrel, you can guide it towards the monkey to deal 10,000 damage per hit.

As Ook Ook’s health goes down, his attacks will go outrageous with more barrels will be rolled into the battle arena. The best you can do is dodge its attack and try to use those barrels against him.

Fight with Hoptallus
The monkey is gone and now it’s rabbit’s turn you to challenge your skills. The giant mutated rabbit will barf a carrot juice which of course is meant to be dodged.

The Hoptallus will also use the swirling attack that can cause some serious damage. Your best bet will be to stay defensive until the sweet (ironical) bunny has calmed down a bit.

Like many other bosses, the Hoptallus will also summon some minions in the form of Hoppers, Boppers and Vermin. They all are the hopping creatures aiming to destroy you as soon as possible.

Like before, watch out for the Hoppers carrying barrels in their mouth as they will drop it on you if they are left unnoticed for long.

You should use your special heavy damaging abilities to take out all the hoppers as quickly as possible so that you can turn your attention back towards the psycho rabbit.

Fight with Yan-Zhu the Uncasked
This boss has two sets of abilities, and every time you visit the dungeon; you may face different or same set of abilities as it’s a random process.

When the fight begins, Yan-Zhu will summon suds from two sides of the room. You need to jump over these walls if you want your character to be saved from high damage. They can even stun a player for five seconds.

He will also summon Brew Elementals who will try to heal the boss so the DPS of the group should immediately take them out.

It will be dangerous if you totally draw your attention away from Yan-Zhu as he will start throwing brew bolts that will deal 30,000 frost damage to the players. So it will be better that one player keeps the boss busy all the time.

Now, if you face the other type of Yan-Zhu, everyone needs to stay mobile. Otherwise, get ready to receive 10,000 frost damage via its Blackout brew, which stacks up to three times. If you stay still for too long, you may ultimately be stunned for 10 seconds.

The boss will also play the bubbles’ game with you. When there are bubbles everywhere, you suffer from frost damage periodically. To avoid the damage, you can click on one of these bubbles to jump on them, which will keep you at bay from the floor.

He will also wrap himself in the bubbles which will reduce the damage taken by 10%. So when that happens, make sure you remove that bubble barrier first.

Try to stay safe and you will have your chances to inflict the damage. After you have managed to defeat Yan-Zhu, the brewery will be restored back to its original state.