Elder Scrolls Online Info Blowout

Yep, The Elder Scrolls Online is real. While that alone might be enough to make you wet your pants, we now have even more info to share courtesy of the newest issue of Game Informer!

While we won’t list everything the magazine has to offer (buy the magazine for that), we do list a few key details that’s been scattered online.

  • -The most accomplished PvP player on your faction becomes emperor whenever you take over the capital
  • -When you take over Cyrodiil, you will be able to adventure in it as a hostile city a la Kvatch
  • -The game will have raids and heroic modes for its dungeons as end game content in addition to faction PvP
  • -There is also balanced PvP for people who prefer eSports
  • -The game will also have high end public dungeons
  • -Public dungeons are essentially instances that aren’t actually instanced, so anyone can be in them, so imagine a World of Warcraft dungeon that featured everyone on the server in the area instead of just your party
  • -There are standard instanced dungeons as well
  • -Back on the topic of the skillbar, you have a limited number of skills you can use at any given time, and can change them whenever you’re out of combat
  • -The number of skills is equal to (paraphrase) “a light and heavy attack with your current weapon that take up the first two slots, a few more spells related to your class, and an ultimate in the last slot”.
  • -The ultimate is used once you gain enough finesse, which is earned by doing well in combat
  • -You also get a bonus loot chest if you’re soloing and max your finesse, and you can also build finesse by comboing with other players
  • -For example, a rogue can put oil on the ground that a mage can set on fire
  • -A fighter can also spin in the firestorm a mage puts down, which sends out fireballs
  • -If you’ve seen Guild Wars 2 videos, the above will seem familiar
  • -You can’t combo with the abilities of enemy players though, so if an enemy faction player drops an oil slick, you can’t set it on fire
  • -The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will be presented, but in what form isn’t detailed as their contnet is hard to recreate in an MMO setting
  • -NPCs will try to work together and use player like behavior when fighting you, and (at least to my understanding) have stamina as well
  • -They want the AI to be good, so instead of enemies in a dungeon sitting around and waiting to be pulled, you will be attacked by the entire room and they will try to react to how you are playing
  • -The claim was not demo’ed to Game Informer
  • -You destroy dark anchors to gain reputation with the Fighter’s Guild. They are large hooks that fall from the sky pseudorandomly and have Daedric guardians next to them. They are easier to kill with a group, and once destroyed, everyone who participated gets a reputation boost with the Fighter’s Guild, and eventually nets you rewards like new skills and abilities.
  • -The combat model will not be real time due to latency
  • -The combat is based around a stamina bar which you can use to sprint, block, interrupt, and break incapacitating effects
  • -Blocking is the primary focus of these abilities, and can do things like stopping the secondary effects of attacks such as an ice spell slowing you
  • -Stamina also applies to PvP, so stamina management (and wearing down your enemy’s stamina) is important, as your crowd control abilities might be on a long cooldown, and if you use them before the enemy player runs out of stamina, they will probably just block the effect
  • -ZeniMax feels that having the stamina bar will help break down the Holy Trinity as stamina allows you to do things like tank
  • -However, healing is still a big part of the game
  • -There is also no aggro mechanic in the game, which is part of the reason stamina blocking and healing exist

Aside from the things listed, it’s also revealed that the game has been in development since 2007 by 250 people. The game will also be fully voice acted and it will use a third-person perspective.

Hopefully, we’ll get in-game footage of The Elder Scrolls Online soon.

Zenimax’s ambitious MMORGP will see release next year for the PC and Mac

Source: NeoGaf