TERA Crafting Guide – How To Gather Materials

Crafting and gathering are two basic components in any role-playing game. You gather different materials and then transform them into more useful items by using the character’s crafting skills. The crafted items can either make you money or increase your strength.

TERA being an RPG is no different. The resource collection method, however, is slightly distinctive. You just need to locate some nodes where you can stand and collect materials.

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TERA – Gathering

There are four types of material resources in the game; plants, rocks, wood, and crystals. Each of these materials has its own attributes and value for crafting.

With a better skill level in resource quadrant, you will be able to collect materials with better proficiencies. Your gathering skills will be increased with time as you gather more materials. After level 20, you will mostly get high-quality materials.

For skinning, there is no skill level. The type of skin you obtain will depend on the level of monster you are trying to loot. Loot a level 1 monster and you will get rawhide leather. A level 30 monster will get you the thick leather.

Party Gathering
In party gathering, any player from your group can collect resources from the nodes which will actually speed up the process. And if any of the players succeed, every member in the group gets a +1 proficiency and materials.

Gathering Buffs
The gathering process can also get you one of the 5 temporary buffs which can be stacked up to maximum. The buffs are:

  • Gathering Courage – The maximum stamina is increased by 5 and it can stack up to 3x. The effect will last till 20 minutes.
  • Gathering Speed – The movement speed is increased by 2 and it can be stacked up to 3x. The effect will last for 20 minutes.
  • Gathering Life – You get to heal heal 0.5% of your total HP every 3 second (per stack). You can can stack it up to 3x and the effect will last for 10 minutes.
  • Gathering Spirit – Your MP gets regenerated 0.5% per stack every 3 seconds. You can stack up to 3x and the effect will last for 10 minutes.
  • Gathering Knowledge – The gathering proficiency is increased by 10 which can be stack up to 4x and the effect will last for 5 minutes.

You can use these materials (both common and un-common) to create armor of Arun and weapons of Shara. There is also a special BAM rune (related to titan) that can help you create an enchantable weapon.

TERA – Materials Extraction

To extract items, you need to buy recipes for them. It won’t be like the normal material gathering upgrade system where if you collect more, and your skill level will be increased.

If you are at a certain level of extraction for some material, you will have to buy the next tier for the better extraction. In TERA, there are 4 extraction process types are available and each 13 ranks to progress. You can purchase until rank 12 from any vendor, but rank 13 will be from world drops. Following are the materials and their use you can extract:

Cloth – Required for trailoring
Metal – Required for Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing and Alchemy
Energy – You will need it for focus crafting
Leather – You will require it in leather works.

TERA – Crafting

Just like any other RPG, TERA lets you craft items by using certain recipes. One thing you may not like about crafting in TERA is the chances of being failed after combining specific nutrients.

In any case, the primary ingredients, you require for crafting can either be looted from the monsters, or you can visit the merchants to directly buy the specific items.

Different resources are used in different professions as:

  • Plants are used in Alchemy
  • Rocks are used in Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing
  • Wood is used in Carpentry
  • Crystals are used in Cepters
  • Leather is used in Tailoring and Leatherwoking

You can use these materials to craft better items and equipment which you can either use in battle or sell them to be get richer.

Crafting Professions
There are various crafting professions in the game with each profession having certain set of crafting skills. For every profession, there is a level range from 1-410. To reach up to level 250 fast, one should focus on refining raw materials and after that, you can start creating the refined items. The professions are:

  • Armorsmith – The profession allows you craft Heavy armor Hauberks, Gauntlets and Greaves.
  • Leatherwork – You will be able to create Cuirasses, Gloves and Boots.
  • Tailoring – The specialization of this profession is in Robes, Sleeves and Boots.
  • Weaponsmith – The professions allows you to craft Twin Swords, Lancers, Greatswords and axes for the melee classes.
  • Focus Craft – The profession will allow you to make Bows, Staves, Discs and Scepters for the ranged classes.
  • Alchemy – You can create potions and scrolls through this profession.

How to Craft Items in TERA

You can’t craft items on random places as there are some crafting quarters in the major cities in the world of TERA. You can also choose to do it near the camp-fire (the profession panel opens with short key J b default). If you decide to do it near the camp-fire, then you should have all the materials you need for the whole process.

To craft items, you will need “Vendor mats” which can be bought from the NPC in the same room you are in to craft materials. Although, successful crafting will reward you skill points but keep in mind that you can also fail in this art so keep yourself ready for that too.

Combining Raw Mats with Vendor Mats will give you Refined Mats. The Refined Mats then can be combined with Vendor Mats or Runes to craft the complete item. The completed items then can be combined with Titan Rune to create an enchantable product.