Sony Releases Two New Starhawk Trailers

Sony has just released two new trailers for Starhawk and it might not be what you were expecting! Yes, the trailers show off gameplay footage but not in the conventional sense.

The first trailer titled “Love,” is in French and shows a game of Capture the Flag and how the player yearns for the said flag…watch the end for a hilarious climax.

The second trailer shows off how everyone in the game can be an “Architect of Destruction.” You can build turrets, laser beams for your bunkers and more. It ends with the tagline of “You build…They die.”

Interesting take on game trailers, to be honest. I mean, this is better than just showing us a clip of things blowing up or someone blowing up things, no?

Starhawk will be out this coming May 8 exclusively for the PS3.