Treyarch on Black Ops 2 Dedicated Servers and Beta Testing

Yes, Call of Duty is a big deal. You know it, your friend knows it…heck, even your mom knows about it too! While we already reported on the game’s trailer and a few more key details, now it’s time to talk about the game’s multiplayer — or at least parts of it before the big reveal.

Mark Lamia, studio head at Treyarch, commented on a host of different things — chief among which are dedicated servers for the PC version of Black Ops, eSports and even a beta for the game.

Lamia on the game getting dedicated servers for the PC.

We had it with Black Ops, so the architecture exists. But we haven’t yet announced exactly what that setup is going to be with Black Ops 2. The goal, for us, really, is to… We like the flexibility, just philosophically, of the dedicated server.

We also like our game to be played the way we spent the last couple of years making it, and try to find that happy medium between the two.

There’s a meta-game that we’ve created here in terms of allowing people to rank up with the experience points and everything. Trying to make sure that people can enjoy that meta-game is important to us too. That’s where we try to strike that balance on Black Ops as much as possible.

He (Lamia) also comments on the idea of a Black Ops 2 multiplayer beta.

The problem with a beta, in particular on our time frame, it’s just not practical. We’re coming out this year, we’re not taking four years to make this game or three years to make this game. You could actually take a lot of time on a beta.

Most consumers don’t have a technical problem. We have done betas in the past. Sometimes you get the information you need and actually sometimes you don’t. It just depends. But there’s nothing like having the reach of a game like Call of Duty to eventually get to every single place.

Also, if the game didn’t have dedicated servers, how would eSports work? 

Um… Well, I haven’t told you whether we are or we aren’t having them, so… You mean if there were no dedicated servers? Well, we were able to do that with… I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen, but we were able to do that with… We had Black Ops on the PS3 on the MLG, that was a Pro Circuit.

What you’re able to do is create… In your custom game configuration, you allow people to create the customizations that they need. You don’t need a dedicated server to give people the variables they need to create a custom game.

Interesting answers, no? While Lamia didn’t exactly answer each one directly (understandably so, since the game’s multiplayer reveal has yet to take place), we at least get an idea where he’s coming from.

Be sure to give the whole interview a read as it goes over more questions and more answers are given without actually answering!

Source: PC Gamer