TERA Online Gear Guide – How To Upgrade Gear Attributes

Being a fighter, you need gear, right? However, which gear will suit your character best can be a tricky question.

For that, you will have to know the basic attributes of various gears available in the game and how can they be upgraded. Once, you know this stuff, the selection task will be easier and your character will be in a much better shape.

Once you have identified the items (you will come across “?” icons throughout the world of TERA), you can enchant them using enchantment alkahest (White Pink or Blue) which will improve the efficiency of your gear to a greater extent.

TERA General Gear Attributes

Let’s just take a loot at the general attributes of various items in your gear:


PVE Weapon Attributes

  • You will get +0.2% MP Recovered for every successful hit
  • (For healers only)-7% Aggro Generation on using the skills
  • +8% boost in animation Speed
  • (For Staff and Sceptre only) +8% Healing
  • +10% Damage on hitting other players
  • For hitting the bigger monsters, there is +4.5% damage
  • +4.5% Damage for landing successful hit on normal monster
  • On hitting Aggroed Monster, there will be a +3% damage.
  • For Masterwork, you will be getting +3 strength
  • +4.5% Damage for landing successful hit on small monsters
  • +5.1% for hitting Monster’s Rear (attacking from the back will get you more rewards)
  • +5.3% Damage for hitting the monster which are down
  • +6% Damage for hitting the enraged monsters
  • (for Lance only) +13.5% Aggro is generated with every hit
  • You will have 50% Chance to get MP Recovery Effect when starting Combat

PVP Weapon Attributes

  • You get 5% Damage on hitting other players
  • +7% Damage on hitting other player’s back


PvE Chest Armor Attributes

  • You will get +0.11% HP recovered on every successful hit you land
  • There will be a 1.7% Chance to Resist Critical hits
  • (For Master work only)+2 Defence
  • -3% damage on being hit on the front
  • -3% damage on being hit by Aggroed monsters
  • When bigger monsters hit you, there will be -4.5% damage reduction
  • -4.5% damage on being hit by the normal Monsters
  • -4.5% damage on being hit by the smaller Monsters
  • -5.3% damage when hit while Knocked-Down
  • -6% damage on being hit by the enraged monsters
  • +8.6% healing Received
  • You will get -10% damage reduction on being hit by other Players
  • You will manage to reflect 15% damage on the opponent
  • +24% knock-down resist when you use the skills
  • You will get 30% chance to get HP recovery effect on starting the Combat

PvP Chest Armor Attributes
While dealing with other human players online, you will have these effects through armor

  • -7% damage on being hit on the rear side by players
  • -10% damage on being hit by other players while you are Knocked-Down

Gloves Attributes

  • You will face reduced Critical damage on being hit by the opponent
  • You will get +1 Strength
  • You will have +2 critical chance
  • There will be a +2 knock-down rate
  • (Only Cloth Gloves) You will be give +4.5% healing
  • (Only Plate Gloves) +6.7% Aggro is generated on every hit


  • Like the gloves, you will get reduced critical damage on being hit
  • +1 Strength
  • You will have +2 critical chance
  • +2 knock-down rate
  • (Only for Cloth Shoes) You will get +4.5% healing
  • (Only for Plate Shoes) +6.7% Aggro is generated on every hit


  • You get +0.04 critical damage multiplier
  • You get +2.3% chance to make the opponent sleep
  • (by the Lancer) There is a +2.6% chance to weaken opponent
  • You get +3% chance to poison the opponent
  • (Priest / Mystic) You get +4.5% healing
  • (With Necklace only) up to 6% animation speed boost

You can also get some unique gear from dungeons like Dome and Watch. The collected gear will already be enchanted, which will provide you extra attributes like increased skill damage, reduced MP cost and reduced cool-down time. So it’s worthy to pay a visit to these places when you feel like to.

TERA – How to Identify and Make Your Gear Enigmatic

By identifying any item, you will have randomly generated attributes at your disposal. Some of them will be awarded as you identify the item while for others, the item needs to be enchanted.

After identifying the item, you will get a couple of basic attributes (either 1 or 2) which can be made enigmatic (to improve the attributes) depending on the need of attributes you want to strengthen related to your class.

The process will cost you a lot so you should be aware of what exactly you want to achieve. The common identifying scroll will cost you 5,250 Gold while you need 52,500 Gold for the common enigmatic scroll.

Crafting the gear can be a good option (especially at lower levels) as you get extra attributes if you craft items. But once you have levelled up your character (50+), you can rely on the drops as crafting can get real expensive for elite class equipment.

TERA Weapon Enchanting

You can use enchantment alkahests to further refine the efficiency of your weapons. But, before you that, you should be aware of the effect of these materials. You will come across three main types of enchants in TERA:

It’s the cheapest and hence commonly used material used in the game. You have the normal chance of success (I would say 60/40) and you also get the chance to downgrade on failure.

The success rate is higher as compared to the white enchant. It is more expensive and isn’t commonly used for refinement. The enchant can be bought only in the Luxury shop which can be accessed by the Vanarchs Lords.

You can use this powder only to upgrade an item from +6 to +12 grade. There is always a chance for the downgrade but that is quite rare. It will cost you a lot, but the Blue enchant is worthy enough when you have leveled up to the maximum. The items like Pink enchant, will only be available in the luxury shop.

I will recommend that you use the common and uncommon gear as sacrificial gear along with white enchant for the range 0 to +6 while for higher upgrades, you can use the legendary gear as sacrificial gear along with the blue enchant.