Rumor: Dead Space Dev Working on Dota-like Action-RTS

Visceral Games, known mostly for developing the Dead Space franchise, might be working on its own Dota-styled game,

This news was unearthed by GamerZines, where a job listing for the studio is now seeking someone “with┬ásignificant work experience on MOBA, Action RTS, Action RPG, or Related Genres.”

MOBA, for those unfamiliar with the term, stands for “Mutliplayer Online Battle Arena.” –or what most people perceive nowadays as Defense of the Ancients’ genre (Dota).

Of course, this could all be just experiments on Visceral’s end and as such, should be treated entirely as a rumor. I mean, when a studio experiments with something, that doesn’t mean that it will come to light 100 percent of the time, right?

Expect more news regarding Visceral and the highly-rumored Dead Space 3 at this year’s E3.

Source: GamerZines