Over 300 People are Working on Black Ops 2

If you think Treyarch will “phone” in Black Ops 2, think again! Studio boss Mark Lamia has revealed that there are over 300 people working on Black Ops 2!

We do have contractors and test teams that aren’t part of the company. Those others aren’t actually employees of Treyarch. But there’s over 300 people working on the game right now.

Aside from this fact, Lamia also revealed that both the game’s single-player and multiplayer will be “pretty big and ambitious,” but emphasized that the game’s upcoming Zombie mode will be on a whole other level — thus explaining the need for a sizable team.

Lamia also shares that Treyarch and the other Call of Duty teams (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games) within the studio share technology and other developing tricks to help make the game better.

Whether it’s inside of the Call of Duty franchise or, frankly, some other area of essential technology or whatever other area – if there are things that teams can access or leverage, then they do.

For example, the facial rig and the performance capture was something that we worked with Activision’s central technology team on quite a bit. There’s a lot of learnings there that can be applied to other teams.

This is certainly comforting news, let’s just hope that the end result will bring us something new on the Call of Duty front, no?

Source: VentureBeat