Diablo 3 to Offer Global Play, Blizzard Reveals Auction House FAQ

If you’re one of the many people interested in playing Blizzard’s highly-anticipated Diablo III, chances are you’re going to play it online.

Not only that, but chances are also high that you’ll be playing it online with friends from around the world. Well, Blizzard knows this and so they instituted a new feature called Global Play. This feature will allow users to play in any region, regardless of country.

There’s one slight caveat though, the game’s auction house will only be accessible in your home region and the characters you create from your home region won’t transfer to Global Play.

If you’re still dumbfounded about the game’s auction house, you’re not online. I’m guessing Blizzard knows of this, too and that’s why they’re now offering this handy-dandy auction house FAQ that will teach you how to wheel-and-deal within the game’s economy.

To read up on Global Play and its specifics, click here.

Diablo III will be out this coming May 15 for the PC.