Black Ops 2 Trailer “Numbers” Allegedly Pinpoint Single-Player Details

Have you seen the Black Ops 2 trailer yet?

If not, you might want to give a look as it allegedly details some of the locations and timeframe on a couple of the game’s single-player missions.

The info was gleamed by looking at the Treyarch logo that reveals dates and coordinates. They supposedly represent longitude and latitude numbers and if you combine them with the dates, it will align at major events that happened at the time.

The numbers and coordinates can be seen below in the image embedded. We’ve also listed some of the dates and coordinates they’re supposed to pinpoint to.


Now, some of the dates mentioned below are for the future. While we can’t predict what’s going to happen, there’s some smart theorizing and conjecture work that seems plausible enough to warrant a look.

The Past

July 23, 1986 – Angola, Africa

The first set of coordinates sent us to Angola, Africa and on this date is when the South African Defense Force commenced a military operation called, Operation Alpha Centauri during the South African Border War and Angolan Civil War. The operation was made to stop a FAPLA attack on the capital of Jamba.

December 19, 1989 – Panama City, Panama

In this time period, the United States invaded Panama, which was called Operation Just Cause, created to defend democracy, human rights, and the canal in Panama. Again, you might play as Black Ops characters to take over La Comandancia in the El Chorrillo neighborhood of Panama City because that’s where this valuable mineral to control machines was being produced.

The Future

The future is a little murky as we don’t exactly know what’s going to happen…again, the things listed below are merely guesses but they seem to be good ones at that.

June 19, 2025 – Los Angeles, California

In the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer, we see many scenes of Los Angeles being attacked by drones and mechs. One set of numbers revealed Los Angeles, California thus confirming the rest of the numbers we discovered to be maps you may get to play within.

June 12, 2025 – Hong Kong, China

Our last set of numbers sent us to Hong Kong, China. Even though the numbers were hard to read the coordinates ended up near Hong Kong in China. We’ve always wanted to go to China, and we’re convinced nothing bad will happen there.

To read up on the complete list of dates with accompanying images, click here.

Source: G4TV