TERA Online Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

After a successful beta run, TERA got released today so that the gamers across the globe can try out the full version of the product.

However, there can be some issues, that may not let you to play the game properly. Although the reported issues have been noted by the developer, but it will take some time before they release any patch to fix the concerned issues.

In the meanwhile, you can read the following guide to find the workaround for any issue that you may encounter.

#1 TERA Error – ffff:ffff Fatal Client Exception
You will face this error when your client is crashed. It can be due to multiple reasons and if you want to get it fixed, you can try the following solutions:

  • Restart your game client
  • You have lost your internet connection
  • Make sure your Video Drivers are up to date
  • Update your copy of Windows
  • Repair your copy of TERA
  • Run TERA as Administrator
  • Close background applications
  • And if none of these points work for you, contact the support with your EME Diag and Debug information.

#2 TERA Download Error – Checksum / Unknown File

If your download is halted with this error on the download bar then you should wait for sometime as it is usually temporary but if the error lasts infinitely, you can try the followings:

Try running a repair by clicking on the tools just next to the support button on download client. “Click here to begin repair” is the button you need to click to start the repair.

You can try to download the patch files directly. You need to have two things for that; TERA-Launcher installed and any file archiving program such as Winzip or 7-Zip etc. Now follow these steps:

  • First, you need to uninstall TERA if it is currently installed on your drive.
  • Install TERA-Launcher by following the link. Click on “download” to start the downloading.
  • Double click the Setup.exe file that was downloaded
  • Go through the installation process of the launcher. It is important that you do not double click the launcher after the installation finishes and also uncheck the box that says “Launch TERA upon exit”.
  • If you attempting to update to the most recent patch please download “PLACEHOLDER”. And if you have not downloaded TERA before or is currently not installed, or you have not updated in since one of the CBTs than please go to PLACEHOLDER and download the file. This will take a little while as the file is over 20GB.
  • When the download finishes, head to the download folder (it can be like C:\Users\your user name\Downloads if downloaded through a browser).
  • Unzip these files by right clicking on your “Game.rar” file. Then click on “7-Zip” and “Extract to Game.rar”. Game.rar will be whichever file you chose to download from Step 5.
  • On doubleclicking the file, it will then show you a sub folder with the same name. Righ click on this folder and click Cut
  • Paste the folder into the TERA’s main directory.
  • Start the TERA-Launcher and you are good to go.

#3 Why can’t I get the refund?
The refund option was available till the beta was running. By 1st May, after the shut down of beta, there won’t be any refunds and if you aren’t happy with the decision, you can contact support.

#4 The game is downloading very slowly
The developer is working to fix the issue but for a temporary workaround, you should disable P2P from the TERA Launcher options. Here is how you can do that:

With your TERA Launcher open, select “Launcher Settings” right under the “Play” button.

Change the option for “P2P Sharing” from “On” so that the word “Off” displays.

#5 TERA – Download bar changes from “Downloading” to “Retrieving Manifest”
There is nothing to be worried about as even if it changes to Retrieve Manifest, your download will still continue in the normal manner.

#6 TERA Launcher stays in download and patching loop

The issue will be fixed permanently in the future release but for the time being, you can try installing the game in a folder rather than in the directory (C:/) directly. Just create a new folder and install the game in the created folder.

#7 TERA has stopped working – Launcher login error

You should try the solutions (launcher related) mentioned in the first point (#1) to fix your issue.

#8 TERA Launcher will not start
This issue is generally related because your windows is not up-to-date. You can also try the workaround methods mentioned in the first point (#1) to fix the issue.

#9 TERA Launcher is too large – Can’t Click the play button
You just need to delete a weird settings file in “AppData” directory. The folder is usually hidden so make sure that all the hidden files are being shown.

Head to your windows installation drive (usually C:/) and then open “Users”> your username folder>AppData>Local>TERA>Launcher>Live and delete the strange numeric settings file in there. Start the TERA launcher again and you should be able to see the readjusted launcher window.

#10 TERA Error – 000a:0000 Insufficient Memory
The error will pop-up only if there is insufficient disk space on your hard drive or system has insufficient memory for the game. Here are some fixes you can try to solve the issue:

  • Run a repair
  • Lower your graphics settings
  • Update your Video Card Drivers
  • Investigate potential RAM issue

You can investigate the potential RAM issue by using this tool. Otherwise, you can also try the following workaround if you are using a Windows 32 bit operating systems:

Open command prompt (open run from start menu and type “cmd”). Once the command prompt is running, you should type the following in there

bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072

If you want to reverse the change, you should use the following command in the same command prompt window:

bcdedit /deletevalue IncreaseUserVA

If you are facing any other issue regarding TERA, let us know in the comments below.