Konami Releases MGS: HD Collection Trailer

Konami has just released a trailer for Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection for the PlayStation Vita. While the trailer is in Japanese, you can still connect-the-dots in what the trailer’s trying to say.

The Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection will include Metal Gear Soldi 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Arguably, two of the best Metal Gear games the series has to offer. The PS Vita version will allow for touch controls for a (hopefully) more intuitive experience, Trophy support and smoother graphics.

One other thing that might make this a must-buy is the fact that people can play the game on their PS3 and continue their progress on the go using the PlayStation Vita.

As someone who has played both games extensively, I think it’s safe to say that collection is a must-buy even without all the new bells and whistles. Hopefully that’s the case when the game ships later this year.