Half-Life 3 Rumors and Hints Brewing

While some people have already given up on it, it seems a Half-Life 3 announcement might be forthcoming — if recent events are to be believed, anyway.

IGN has tweeted “Wake Up and Smell the Ashes” a quote from Half-Life 2. While it could be a random tease, people are wondering why one of the largest videogame websites in the world would even try and do something like it. One theory is that IGN has exclusive info regarding the game and they’re teasing it slowly.

Aside from this, Valve’s official Steam support also tweeted that people should check out all of Valve’s feeds…indicating that something big might be going down soon.

Both tweets can be seen as a screenshot below.
half-life 3

In what could be even more evidence of Half-Life 3 surfacing soon. it seems that going to this link goes a blank page that shows “It Works” and not much else.

According to site WhoIs, the owner of the domain is Valve and see that word “orange” in the URL? Well, the Orange Box collection that included Half-Life 2 also had “orange” in its website. So either it’s a just a big coincidence or there’s really something brewing at Valve.

Nonetheless, file this one under speculations and rumors for now. Needless to say, we’ll post any info regarding this the minute it becomes available.