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Tribes Ascend Prism Mine Strategy Guide

Claymores are fine as defensive tools but the concept of Prism Mines takes you one step ahead in protecting the perimeter tactically.

Once you know its proper use, the Infiltrators can have a blast with it. When you apply these mines, they lift off the ground and generate a green beam just like tripwire.

Although the mine can be spotted from distance, the mine will black out and the beam will go invisible if you stay in its close proximity.

This way, you can ambush the rushers heading your way. While defending any area with Prism Mines, the Safety Third perk can be of great use. Upgrading the perk fully will get you an extra mine which can help you prepare a better ambush.

Prism Mine Upgrades

Upgrade 1 (1400) – +1 Ammo
Upgrade 2 (2400) – +10% Radius
Upgrade 3 (4200) – +20% Damage vs. Armored

+10% radius is a necessary upgrade as this way, the probability of opponent players of bypassing these mines by jumping over them is reduced. Now since each map is different, you may have to use different tactics depending upon the structure you are trying to defend.

In that case, I will proceed with the strategy map-wise and mention some common tips that can help you in mastering the use of these mines on each map.

Arx Novena

Arx Novena is a typical capture the flag map with some grassy landscape and defense structures.

Flag Defense
In the front area of the base, you can place the mines so that opponent coming from behind are more likely to touch the ground (and hit the mines) while taking away the flag. Although an individual mine does only 700-800 damage at max, the two mines linked can give you double damage.

Now if you have two more mines to plant, you can use them in the hallway to increase the probability that the opponent does not advance further.

If you don’t plan to plant the mines close together, then you should adjust your position such that if the enemy comes in rushing, you can shoot him quick enough to get the kill.

Furthermore, keep in mind that placing the mines close together in the hallways can make them blow together reducing the damage done to half (800).

Generator Defense
You can choose to spread out these mines in the generator room so that even the enemy doesn’t receive any damage, you will still know that an intruder has arrived.

There is always a probability that enemies can walk in through that giant hole in the room but that does not happen frequently so if you covered the other entrance, your chances to defend the room are increased.

Placing the mines near the entrances is obvious and easily predicted by the enemy so try to diversify your strategy and take them by surprise. Always remember that staying near the mines will be effective as it will make them invisible to the enemy.

It isn’t really obligatory that you use these mines in your own base. You can plant them on the enemy vehicle area so that when they go there to pick up a vehicle, surprise! surprise!


If you have played the original tribes game, then you must be familiar with this map as it’s a replica of famous capture the flag map in the original game.

Flag Defense
There aren’t many places where you can tactically adjust the prism mines in the flag defense on this map. The obvious point you can come up with is its placement in the room (just in the middle) so that the green laser can reach the flag. You can also place one at the ledge so that the people jumping around may get a taste of it.

Generator Defense
There are a few obvious but still effective place in the region to place the Prism mines. Yes, you may want to spread them close to the generator, but that won’t be much effective as they are usually expected when the opponent gets that close to the generator.

You should try to place them in the pathways where you expect that enemy will come in numbers. While placing these mines, try to think as if you are going to place some claymores or an ambush for the enemy.


It’s a tropical Island where both the teams have protected bases at the opposite ends of the map.

Flag Defense
Your first concern should be to plant mines for the players coming from the sides. Then you can try to plant the mines in rare section of the base.

You may have to plant more than one mines for the effective results. There are few more entrance ways that enemy can exploit so instead of placing your remaining mines just near the flag, try to place them along the way which happens to be more useful.

Base Defense
When you are defending something indoor then you have plenty of options to place these mines. Range rarely is an issue so you can even try out some random spots considering the usual attack direction of enemies. Try to place your mines along the more common paths in your base.

Generator Defense
After you have placed mines against the entrances, you may want to place a mine or two near the generator as when techs come to repair the generator, the obvious place they find to hides is behind the generator.

Covering a complete line is not always necessary rather placing a mine that covers more area sometimes proves more helpful.


In drydock (a wide open field), the two bases are separated by a long cliff.

Flag Defense
Since the map is quite open, chances of Prism mines kills are quite rare as people will fly around often and will rarely get hit by the mines.

Generator Defense
Two mines at the main entry is the obvious placement of mines in Generator defense. If the enemy spots one, there will be lesser chance that he will also think of the second one.

There is no use of placing mines in the areas where players like jet around so figure out the places where you can catch them on the ground.

If the back entrance is creating problems, you can place a couple there too just like in the front entrance. Doorways can also be good options to place your mines.

Close to the generator, if the enemy spots one mine, then he will become cautious about the other mines in the room. So placing them together near the generator doesn’t prove that useful.

You should try to place them in such a manner that both don’t get spotted together.


It’s a terrain with icy mountains where most of the battle in flag defense takes in open. The map is similar to the one included in Tribes 2.

Flag Defense
Like any other open end map (Flag denense), you don’t have many tactical spots to devise the Prism mine strategy. Being random here is may be the best strategy to follow.

Generator Defense
Blocking the front should be your priority. If you think that placing mines near the mouth isn’t a good idea, then move back a bit and place them somewhere around the doors.

Due to wide space in this map, you really can’t defend the complete area so you can place the mines only to cover your back while you take care of the other end with guns.


The map was added in the list along the patch and the indoor structures in the map support the Prism mine tactics.

Flag Defense
Circling the flag with mines at appropriate distance is a good option to go with to protect the stand. Otherwise, see if any random spots can work for you well.

Generator Defense
Conventionally, the entrance holes should be your priority. Otherwise, you can move back a bit and try a few orthodox places to surprise the enemy. While placing mines on the spots other than the usual ones, you should think like a predator and predict the movement of your prey in advance.

Temple Ruins

The map presents a look of a volcanic terrain which was introduced in one of the patches for Tribes: Ascend.

Flag Defense
Generally, the mines around the flag stand work well just like in Sunstar. Any other position you may know that worked out well for you?

Generator Defense
The big entrance pathway is the obvious choice to place the mines. You can go back further to place another one for those who manage to dodge your first line of defense. Like other maps, try to be unpredictable by predicting the opponent’s movement in advance.

Tribes Ascend is not really a kind of game where you can rely upon one type of weapon so you need to have multiple options at your disposal.

If Prism mines aren’t working for you in any map, then you can go for the alternatives that may help you in both defense or attack. And if you have any strategy of your own that you think is better than others, share it with us in the comments below.

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Thanks. Cynistic for all the Analysis