Datura Release Date Officially Announced

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Datura Release Date Officially Announced

Sony has officially announced the release date for Plastic Studio’s Datura. The game, which will be “a spicy mixture between an old-school adventure and a modern interactive experience,” will be out this coming May 8 exclusively for the PS3.

In addition to this, Datura will bring “novel gaming mechanics” based on the PlayStation Move controller. They state that they’ve created a virtual hand that can operate and touch nearly everything in the game If you don’t have a Move, the game will also support the standard DualShock 3 controller.

Lastly, the game will also supportĀ stereoscopic 3D — of course, your TV needs to be 3D-ready to be able to implement this feature.

Hopefully, the game lives up to all this quirkiness and gives us an amazing experience.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog