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BioWare Introduces Multiplayer Manifest for Mass Effect 3

It seems more and more franchises with multiplayer components are implementing a social site of some sort. We have it with Call of Duty with Call of Duty Elite, Battlefield has Battlelog, Ghost Recon has the Ghost Recon Network and now Mass Effect is joining the fray with Mass Effect’s Multiplayer Manifest.

This new feature is now available for access through BioWare’s Social Network¬†(BSN). The Multiplayer Manifest will allow players to inspect their multiplayer avatars without having to boot their copy of the game.

Users will be able to view the characters, weapons, mods and consumables they’ve unlocked in multiplayer…and that’s not all! The Manifest will also allow players to view and compare stats among their friends.

To use the Manifest, just go to the BSN and log in using your EA Origin account that you use to play Mass Effect 3.

BioWare has also commented that more features for the Manifest are in the works and will be added soon.