Rumor: In-Game Images of Black Ops 2’s “Quadrotor”

While it’s almost a given that Activision will unveil Black Ops 2 this coming May 1, we now have what seems to be the first in-game screenshot of the game.

Don’t get too excited though, as it doesn’t show any tangible gameplay screenshots; rather it’s just a purported screenshot of a “Quadrotor” — a new killstreak reward purported to be in Black Ops 2.

The Quadrotor is like a flying UAV that can also shoot at enemies. The leaked image (which is used as this post’s headline pic), was outed by Reel EFX and the image was taken down — but not before someone captured it first.

I guess we’ll know more about the game once May 1 hits.

Are you still excited for Call of Duty? If so, does Black Ops 2 make your trigger-finger wet with excitement?

Source: MP1st