New Starhawk Trailer Reveals Story

Lightbox Interactive has made it clear that the upcoming third-person shooter will have a single player campaign with an interactive story line. So if you had the notion that the solo campaign won’t be anything but some multiplayer tutorials with bots, then that isn’t really the case this time.

The trailer below delivers the idea behind the solo campaign:

Starhawk originally is famous for its online multiplayer as its predecessor, Warhawk was a multiplayer only title. Introduction of a single player story can be a good step both for the franchise and fans. Dylan Job seems quite excited about this new inclusion:

The team has been working all hours at Santa Monica Studio and here at LightBox Interactive to finish up Starhawk and we wanted to take a bit of time to share our latest Singleplayer trailer.

Most people out there really only know Starhawk for its online multiplayer, which totally kicks ass and was certainly our team’s focus.

But the fact is that Starhawk has a very fun and unique solo campaign too… and NO, it’s not just an MP tutorial with bots!

Do you think that the multiplayer oriented games should have singleplayer? Share your views with us.