Mists of Pandaria Pets Battle Beginners’ Guide

In the latest update in Mists of Pandaria beta, the Pet Battles has been made available, which means that you can make your pets fight with other players’ pets. Now if you don’t have any idea, how the pet battle system works, then we have this short guide for you that can get you started.

Just like you own character, your pet will start from level 1 and you will be able to upgrade these animals as they win more fights.

There are different classes of pets with specific abilities and you can find them at various places in Pandaria.

If you are wise enough, you will go with a pet that will be advantageous over your opponents. You should read our Pet Class Guide to find out which pet is preferential over other.

Initially, you are going to need a trainer, who will teach you skills and as an alliance player, you can find the trainer in Goldhsire while the Horde players may need to visit Razor Hill.

Each pet will start with a single ability and learn more of them over time. Make sure you have pet tracking enabled on the mini map; it will help you find opponents for battles.

For more help on Pets in Mists of Pandaria, read our Wild Pets Locations Guide.

How to Start a Battle
After finding the target, you will have to interact with it to start the battle. After the pet battle interface pops-up, you will be able to control your pet’s actions. You can issue different commands for retreat, capture or swap, etc.

You can also switch between your pets during the battle which can be a good option if your opponent goes for a change.

At the bottom of your screen, you can see your pet’s abilities. Here, the yellow round button will allow you to summon the other pet.

Similarly, other buttons on the interface have other simple commands associated with them. It’s fairly simple to understand.

One more thing; pets are bound to your account. This should encourage you to engage in more pet battles. Anyway, If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.