DICE Shows Off “Donya Fortress” Map for BF3’s Close Quarters Expansion

DICE has just released the latest trailer for Battlefield 3’s upcoming Close Quarters expansion pack and it’s a sight to behold.

The trailer, which shows off the “Donya Fortress” map, highlights the destructibility the game has. You can see chunks of the wall breaking apart due to gunfire, there’s also a scene where people are running on a wooden bridge and enemies are shooting at them while they’re running — yep, just like an action movie.

If you’re an FPS fan, you need to see this.

While DICE has been mum on the expansion’s official release date, we do know that it will be out this coming June and aside from the new maps, it will be bringing 10 new weapons and assignments (which can be carried over to the main core game) and five new dogtags.

Are you ready to fight in Close Quarters?