Tribes Ascend Class Guide – Recommended Loadout and Upgrades

If you are a fan of fast paced FPS games, then you may well be playing Tribes Ascend by now. If that’s not the case, then you are missing on something that can be really exciting for you.

Game’s Visuals (Unreal Engine 3) are good enough aren’t that bad, but if you can’t grasp the essence of the game, you will get some real beating out there.

There are no strict rules to improve your game as you can go with any orthodox strategy that works fine for you and your team.

The game has got all the basic elements one can expect from an online shooter, including different weapons, perks, armor, upgrades, etc.

In the following guide however, I am going to discuss the different classes in the game so that you can choose the right class to play the right role on the battlefield.

Tribes Ascend – Classes

The 9 available classes in Tribes: Ascend can be divided into three categories: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor. Armor is crucial because mobility in Tribes: Ascend can be a deciding factor in most of the battles.

Pathfinder (Light Armor)

Pathfinders are quick and can be used effectively in capture the flag matches. While they are good at chasing targets (or may be getting away), Pathfinders can have a tough time against other well equipped classes.

Pathfinder Loadout
Primary Weapons: Light Spinfusor, Bolt Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Shotgun, Light Assault Rifle
Packs: Energy Recharge, Thrust
Belt Items: Impact Nitron, Explosive Nitron

Recommended Upgrades
You should choose the upgrades that will go with your play-style. Since Pathfinders are good at speeding, upgrading the Thrust Pack and the Belt can be a good option to go with.

Tribes Ascend – Sentinel

Sentinels are the snipers who usually defend the base. Initially, you may not find this class as useful considering the fast paced gameplay but once you get used to it, you can create a lot of problems for the opposition’s attack.

Primary Weapons: BXT1 RIfle, Phase Rifle
Secondary Weapons: Nova Blaster, Falcon
Packs: Drop Jammer, Energy Jammer
Belt Items: Claymore Mine, T5 Grenade
Cost – 7200 XP or 160 Tribes Gold

Recommended Upgrades
Since sniping is usually a stealthy task, you should try to upgrade your Jammer Pack first. This will provide your teammates some breathing space and more tactical options.

Tribes Ascend – Infiltrator

To infiltrate into enemy base, you need stealth and the Infiltrator class allows you to do that effectively. The Stealth Pack will literally make you invisible which can help you sneaking in the enemy base.

Once you are inside the enemy base, you can make use of the explosive sticky grenades to do rest of the job for you.

Primary Weapons: Rhino SMG, Stealth Spinfusor, Jackal
Secondary Weapons: SN7 Silenced Pistol, Throwing Knives
Packs: Stealth Pack
Belt Items: Sticky Grenades, Prism Mine, Smoke Grenades
Cost – 14,000 XP or 240 Tribes Gold

Recommended Upgrades
Try to spend your XP in upgrading the Explosive grenades so that you can do maximum damage after you have sneaked into the enemy base.

Tribes Ascend – Technician

Technicians are specialized to maintain the defense structures like turrets. By default, a Technician can deploy one turret at a time but if you upgrade the pack, the number can be increased.

Deploying turrets at generator room entry points can be a good way to guard the base from hostile infiltration.

If you choose to change the class or plan to deploy more turrets than the capacity you have, the former deployed turrets will be self destroyed.

Primary Weapons: TCN4 SMG, Thumper
Secondary Weapons: Improved Repair Tool, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Sparrow
Packs: Light Turret
Belt Items: Motion Sensor, TCNG
Cost – 7200 XP or 160 Tribes Gold

Recommended Upgrades
If you want to guard your defense lines properly then one turret is not going to be enough. So, whenever you have sufficient XP, try to upgrade the turret pack which will allow you to deploy multiple gun firing machines.

Tribes Ascend – Soldier

It’s an all-round class in Tribes Ascend. Soldiers can be good at both attack and defense. This class is recommended for those who are new to the game and having a hard time to settle in.

Primary Weapons: Assault Rifle, Spinfusor
Secondary Weapons: Thumper DX, Eagle Pistol
Packs: Energy Pack, Utility Pack
Belt Items: Frag Grenade XL, Anti-personnel Grenade, Proximity Grenade
Cost – Soldier is a default class in the game.

Recommended Upgrades
Upgrading your Spinfusor first can be advantageous especially when you want to do more damage. Otherwise, if you like the explosive damage, grenades are there to satisfy you.

Tribes Ascend – Raider

Raiders are well suited to destroy enemy base as they are well armed as well as quite resistive. You can use the explosive grenades to create havoc indoors while the SMG can be used for open combat. Their unlocable Jammer Pack can also be used tactically by reducing the visibility.

Primary Weapons: ARX Buster, Grenade Launcher, Plasma Gun
Secondary Weapons: NJ4 SMG, NJ5-B SMG
Packs: Shield Pack, Jammer Pack
Belt Items: Whiteout Grenade, EMP Grenade, Cluster Grenade
Cost – 18000 XP or 280 Tribes Gold.

Recommended Upgrades
You have different options here which can allow you to mould the character class in different ways. If you are of defensive type then you can try upgrading your Shield Pack. If you want to attack, the Jammer Pack can come in handy.

Tribes Ascend – Juggernaut

It takes a lot to take a Juggernaut down. They are the most resistive warriors on the battlefield. Juggernauts can be used to take out the enemy turrets as they can absorb extra damage. Otherwise, you will usually find them protecting the generator or the flag spawn area.

Primary Weapons: Fusion Mortar, MIRV Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Spinfusor MKD, X1 LMG
Packs: Health Regen Pack
Belt Items: Heavy AP Grenade, Spinfusor Disk
Cost – Juggernaut is one of the default classes in the game.

Recommended Upgrades
If you are using Juggernaut to destroy enemy defenses then you should focus on upgrading the Fusion Mortar which is also not that expensive. For the personal defense, you can think of upgrading the Belt items or the LMG.

Tribes Ascend – Doombringer

Doombringer also falls into the defensive category. If Juggernaut is not your type then Doombringer can be a good alternate.

Primary Weapons: Chain Gun, Heavy Bolt Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Saber Launcher
Packs: Force Field
Belt Items: Frag Grenade, Mines
Cost – 14,000 XP or 240 Tribes Gold.

Recommended Upgrades
Mines upgrades can work well when you are assigned the duty to defend the base. To support the defensive role, the Super Heavy perk can work out well.

Tribes Ascend – Brute

Brutes have got good explosive and pack options but their weapons is kind of a let down. Anyway, this is sometimes necessary to keep the balance among all the classes.

Primary Weapons: Heavy Spinfusor
Secondary Weapons: Automatic Shotgun, Nova Colt
Packs: Energy Pack, Heavy Shield Pack
Belt Items: Light Sticky Grenade, Fractal Grenade
Cost – 18000 XP or 280 Tribes Gold.

Recommended Upgrades
Fractal grenades are quite useful in to clear the generator room or the flag spawn area from defending campers.

Upgrading your Shield pack will help you in defending your own base, especially against the Pathfinders and Infiltrators.