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Report: Microsoft to Unveil “Woodstock” Xbox Music Service at E3

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft will be unveiling its new music service, code-named Woodstock, at this year’s E3 — presumably, at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

While the focus is on the Xbox 360, it won’t be limited to just the console. This feature will operate on the Windows 8 PCs, Xbox 360, phones, tablets and even Android and iOS devices! It will also reportedly replace the Zune brand which failed to catch on much to Microsoft’s chagrin.

Also added by the report is that “Woodstock” will be browser-based but it will be able to run without plugins. The feature is also described as a “Spotify-like” service which can integrate “deeply” with Facebook, allowing friends to build group playlists and share tracks.

Woodstock is not expected to launch until later this year alongside Windows 8 and Windows 8 phone devices. There’s also no word on pricing yet, but it’s assumed that Zune Pass subscribers will be able to keep their subscriptions or migrate it to Woodstock later this year.

Source: The Verge