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Diablo 3 Highlights the Witch Doctor in New Class Video

Witch Doctor
In Blizzard’s continuing series of videos that showcases Diablo III’s various classes, this time we’re treated to the Witch Doctor.

While the Witch Doctor seems like an odd character to add to Diablo III’s stable of “heroes,” the class seems to be able to hold its own against the legion of enemies the game throw at you.

To be honest, the class reminds me of the Necromancer class in Diablo II — and that thought is compounded even more by the fact that the Witch Doctor can summon beasts and monsters to do battle for him.

I admit, seeing the Witch Doctor summon that “Gargantuan” made me giddy like a schoolgirl. How can it NOT, right?

Prepare your swords and spells as Diablo III’s release date is just a few weeks away.