Rumor: Rayman Origins Sequel Outed by Survey

It seems another game might be outed before its publisher confirms its existence! This time, the game is Ubisoft’s supposed sequel to Rayman Origins.

While Ubisoft has mentioned that Rayman Origins turned a profit for the company, a sequel confirmation has not been announced by the publisher. Well, it seems it might not have to, as a marketing survey by Arkenford (which Ubisoft is a client of) directs toward a sequel to the game. It also implies that the game will retain the same four-player drop-in/drop-out gameplay of its predecessor.

The screens taken from the marketing survey by an anonymous tipster shows that the upcoming sequel will include dragons, ghosts and more.

Of course, in saying this, this info is in no way confirmed by Ubisoft. So there’s still the chance that they’re made entirely for marketing purposes. We’ll post more news regarding this matter once more details surface.

Source: Kotaku