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Gabe Newell Comments on EA’s Origin Platform

Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve — who operates Steam, has finally spoken out in regards to EA’s Origin digital platform.

In a recent podcast interview with 7 Day Cooldown, Newell was asked what he thought of EA’s service and what it needed to do in order to improve.

They have a lot of work to do to get to where they need to be and where I as a customer would want them to be.

Newell was then asked if he thought EA’s platform was doing anything particularly well…to which he replied, “Err…Err…” before being followed by an uncomfortable silence and pause. However, he did admit they’re not doing anything “super-well” yet.

I don’t want to dodge the question – I don’t think they’re doing anything super-well yet.

They have a bunch of smart people working on it but I think they’re still playing catch up to a lot of people who have been working in the space for a while. I think they’re recognising what the challenges are with building and scaling out this kind of system.

Yikes! While that isn’t really surprising, seeing as Steam has been longer in this game compared to Origin, it’s still a sight to see when your major competitor doesn’t really see you as a major threat…at least not yet anyway.

Be sure to give the whole interview a listen as they even talk about EA’s games being back on Steam and so much more!

Source: 7 Day Cooldown (via Eurogamer)