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Rumor: Mirror’s Edge 2 in Development for Next Xbox, Will Use Kinect 2

If you like rumors, then this one is a doozy! Not only does it state that an unconfirmed game is being developed now, but that it’s also coming to a next-gen platform with next-gen controls!

If that’s too much to take or a bit confusing, I understand…take it all in and read it again.

The game, in question, is Mirror’s Edge 2 — the FPS action/platformer from the Battlefield devs over at DICE.

The report from Dual Pixels state that “Geno,” who has “close inside sources within the industry” has gleamed the info that Mirror’s Edge 2 is currently being worked on via DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine. Not only that, but the game is currently being worked on for the next Xbox and its accompanying next-gen motion-controller Kinect 2!

Supposedly, players will still be controlling the game’s protagonist (Faith) and Kinect 2 will let players “control her entire body” and that you’ll even be able to use head tracking and other movements to control her “just like in real life.”

If you think that’s something, we’re not yet finished. The report also claims that the next iteration of Kinect will work in conjunction with a physical controller. This new Xbox controller will supposedly be able to detach its analog stick and will even feature a 3-inch HD touchscreen! They’re also purporting that Mirror’s Edge 2 will let players use the touchscreen and detachable analog stick; though how they’ll exactly interact with the game is something they’re left in the dark at.

The report also states that don’t expect the game to make an appearance at this year’s E3 and that the earliest possibility that it will be shown off is at E3 2013.

Now, I’ve heard a ton of rumors but this one might just take the cake — although if this is indeed true, then we might be in for a spectacular experience, no?

Source: Dual Pixels