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Watch Halo 4’s Conan O’Brien Clip, Conan and Richter Confirmed to be in the Game

halo 4
While we already reported about Halo 4’s official release date, we did also report that Halo 4 would be making an appearance on CONAN — and appeared it has!

Admittedly, the trailer itself isn’t brimming with gameplay goodness, but it does consist of host Conan O’Brien “bothering” 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor.

Aside from the skit, it was also revealed that Conan and his sidekick — Andy Richter — will do voice-over work for the game! Now if that’s not big news, then I don’t know what is! To watch the clip in all its glory, just look below.

Halo 4 will be out this coming November 6 exclusively for the Xbox 360…and we’re hoping it involves more Conan.