See Heller Control Brawlers in this New Prototype 2 Trailer

If you’ve played Prototype 1, chances are you’re familiar with the Brawlers. These mean, mutated monstrosities caused all kinds of problems for then-protagonist, Alex Mercer.

Now, it seems Prototype 2’s new protagonist — James Heller — has a few new tricks up his sleeve.

In the latest Prototype 2 trailer, it’s revealed by the folks over at Radical Entertainment that Heller can “control” Brawlers in sequel! Heller can manipulate the Brawlers to attack specific enemies and eve vehicles!

If for some reason Heller is dissatisfied with the Brawlers’ duties, or they simply want them gone, he can “dismiss” them by causing them to self destruct! It definitely looks cooler when you watch it in action.

Prototype 2 will be out next week on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.