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SSX’s First DLC to be “Inspired” by SSX Tricky

EA’s snowboarding arcade racer SSX will be getting its first trickle of DLC on May 1 and they’re throwbacks to SSX Tricky…yep, it’s DLC but based off an old game.

There will be two DLC packs for SSX player to purchase; either as piece-meal or as a bundle for added savings. The first pack is called Mt. Eddie, an SSX Tricky-inspired descent that features nine drops in total. The map can be played on both Race and Trick configurations. Aside from this, the pack will also contain a couple of new music tracks, including two from Tricky.

The other pack, called Classic Characters, features seven retro characters — each with their own unique snowboard and apparel options.

The price of each pack is at $5.99 respectively, or you can buy both for a discounted price of $7.99.

Anyone getting this or were you expecting more for the game’s first DLC pack?