Battlelog Now Available for iOS Devices

While it’s mighty late to the party, DICE has just released it’s official Battlelog app for iOS devices.

Battlelog is, of course, DICE’s stat-tracking, social-networking website for Battlefield 3. In it, you can track your stats, medals, ribbons, score-per-minute and more.

Here are the host of features one can expect from the app.

Com Center
See which friends are playing right now and what servers they are playing on. View your friends’ profiles and plan for tonight’s game by leaving a message on their wall.

Stats & Unlocks
Track your progress and performance on the battlefield with detailed soldier stats. Check out the dog tags you have collected from your foes and see what new weapons, gadgets, vehicle upgrades, and specializations you are about to unlock next.

Compare your standing among your friends on the friends leaderboard and view the top worldwide players on the global leaderboard.

Stay up to date with the latest Battlelog and Battlefield news. Get essential updates directly from DICE, the developers of Battlefield 3.

We’ve also included a screenshot of the app for those interested.


The Battlelog app is free for download in Apple’s App Store but currently, the  app is only available for iOS devices and there’s still no word on when and if Android users will have their own mobile Battlelog service.

Source: MP1st