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Rumor: Apple Developing its Own Console, Possibly with Valve

It’s been reported during the weekend that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was spotted at Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington; and as they say, whenever Cook is spotted, people take notice and talk about it.

It’s been speculated that Cook is visiting Valve for the purpose of developing its own home console — yes, they’re aiming to be a direct competitor of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Of course, that rumor is compounded even more by the fact that Valve itself is looking for “hardware engineers.” When you put two and two together, well, you get the point why people are talking.

Supposedly, Apple is working on a TV set with iTunes-integrated touch screen remote and Siri-like voice technology. This rumor has been swirling about for a couple of months now and purportedly, Apple is aiming to release this device later this year. Now, here’s where the console part comes in. Allegedly, the Apple TV set will also come with Apple’s own version of Microsoft’s motion-controller and an Apple branded console. The interface is rumored to rely heavily on motion and touch controls for player input.

While this is classified entirely as a rumor for now, people are already taking — and with good reason. I mean, the CEO of the richest company in the world doesn’t just visit another company just to have tea and chat, no?

Whatever Apple/Valve’s cooking, I think it’s best that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo keep an ear or two out, no?

We’ll keep you posted on further rumors and developments regarding this situation.

Source: Cult of Mac