Fez Collectibles Guide – Anticubes, Artifacts, Golden Cubes, Keys and Shards

In mind busting 3D environment of Fez, the puzzles aren’t just associated with level completion, there are collectibles presenting you a slightly different challenge.

The game itself is an itching twisted adventure, and the collectibles just add more fun to it. You will be looking for Artifacts, Shards, Keys, Treasure Maps, Cubes and Bits, etc.

For more help, read our Fez Code Solutions and Puzzles Guide.

Fez Collectibles – How to Get Anticubes

These are purple cubes that you can earn by pressing a series of triggers in a particular sequence. Remember that Anticubes will add to your total count of Cubes to open the doors.

1. Anywhere
Location. You can get a cube anywhere after Fez enters the 3D world. The sequence you need to use is:


It means that standing anywhere in the game, if you press the above sequence, you will get the cube and also an achievement will be unlocked.

2. In the Village Room
Location. The room has the fireplace and is exactly above the Gomez’ place. Here is the complete code in the form of fragments scattered throughout the walls in the room:


3. The Warp Gate
Location. Just of the Warp gate, look for a clock circled with hands moving with different speeds. When all the hands reach the 12 O’ Clock position, a cube will appear which you can collect.

4. Owl Room (Above Lighthouse Node)
Location. The Node is attached directly to the water tower area. You can enter the gate leading to the Owl room by entering a secret gate.

The game appears only at night in the Waterfall area. The door you then need to enter is at the base of the tower. You will find the secret code written on the floor.


5. The Tuning Forks Cubes
Location. Each tuning fork (you know its shape, right? the U shaped structure.) will get you a cube. You need to stand on it and when the vibrations start, you need to press LT/RT combinations to reveal the cube.

Fez Collectibles- Cube Bits

You need these small golden bits (squares) to make the bigger Shards (the golden cubes). Each Shard will require 8 of these cube bits that can be found throughout the game.

Fez Collectibles- Cube Shards (Golden Cubes)

You require the Cube Shards to open the doors in different areas like the Waterfall hub. You can make one Cube Shard from 8 cube bits. Complete Cube Shards can also be found but they are quite rare as compared to the Cube Bits which are more abundant.

Fez Collectibles – Keys

You can find some keys in the treasure chests that can be used to open some doors in the game.

1. In the Village
Location. Head to the house that is directly above Gomez’ house. You will find a treasure chest near the fireplace.

2. In the Village
Look for a free floating platform with a cord that links it to the main structure. There is a chest on this platform where you can find a key.

Fez Collectible – Artifacts

Following are the artifacts you can find in Fez:

Skull Artifact
Location. To get the Skull Artifact, travel to the Cemetery Room and look for the four maps corresponding to the four sides of each room. Before you attempt to enter the doors, remember the code: 0 (No Door), 1 (Door), 2 (Door You Enter). Follow this order to enter the door using the four maps:

Map #1

  • 1101
  • 0111
  • 1100
  • 1012

Map #2

  • 0111
  • 1010
  • 1121
  • 1101

Map #3

  • 1110
  • 1021
  • 0011
  • 1110

Map #4

  • 1211
  • 1011
  • 1101
  • 0111

Once done correctly you will be transported in the watery room, swim to the island to find the treasure chest. Open it to retrieve the Skull Artifact.

Tome Artifact
In an ancient building looking like a Greek oriented structure, there is a secret room inside. In the room inside, you will find a bookshelf. The bookshelf can get you to another room that has the artifact inside.

Writing Cube Artifact
Location. In the section where you will find three locked doors (requiring 4,8 and 16 cubes to open), head inside the first one. Get to the top and when you leave the room on the other side, you will find a pillar to the left with two doors.

Enter the upper one and you will reach a section with waterfall. Head to the top and enter the door on the tree. Jump through the mushrooms to reach the chest above. The chest has the artifact you are looking for.

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