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Call of Duty Might be Running Out of Momentum

Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is easily the most lucrative franchise in gaming right now; but it seems the franchise has hit the proverbial “wall” and its momentum might be slowing down.

While Activision has been skittish in revealing sales data for the latest entry in the FPS blockbuster franchise (Modern Warfare 3), life-to-date sales of MW3 are behind where last year’s entry (Black Ops) at the same time last year.

Analysts at Macquarie Equities say that Modern Warfare 3’s volume sales are behind Black Ops’ by around 4.2 percent. It’s also worth mentioning that March sales for MW3 were reportedly half of what Black Ops did at the same time last year.

While a 4.2 percent drop in sales isn’t that big of a deal — especially given Call of Duty’s revenue, this could also mean that people are starting to get brand fatigue. If so, Activision should keep an eye out…lest they want the franchise to be another Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero.

Source: Gamasutra