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Prototype 2’s Live-Action Trailer Shows the Power of Revenge

The first Protoype showed how much of a bad-ass then-protagonist Alex Mercer was; now it seems Radical Entertainment is tugging at people’s heartstrings as the trailer starts off with the game’s new protagonist — James Heller — seemingly committing suicide by jumping off a building.

If you’re wondering why he’s doing this, it’s because he lost everything. His family is dead, his men are dead…even he, himself, is infected by the virus. Give it a look and see if Activision did the right thing in releaseing a live-action trailer for their game.

Quite sad for Heller, no? Oh, and yes, that’s Alex Mercer making an appearance in the vid! In a rather unexpected twist, Mercer is Prototype 2’s villain — and as expected, Heller wants to extract revenge on Mercer and whoever’s to blame for what happened to his family.

Prototype 2 will be out later this month on April 24 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.