Dota 2 Huskar Guide – Builds, Items, Abilities and Strategy

Huskar is unique, in that he’s a ranged strength hero who carries, by dealing immense damage, while on the brink of death.

Huskar is not for the weak willed, or the half-hearted. Playing Huskar means that you commit to every fight without hesitation, while bathing in the textual lamenting of your foes , as you survive fights victoriously, on the verge of death.

Browse through the guide – Skills/Abilities, Skill Builds, Recommended Item Builds and Strategy Tips. For more help on Dota 2, read our Venomancer, Sven and Skeleton King Guide.

Huskar Skills/Abilities

Inner Vitality

  • Targets: Self, Allies
  • Effects: 5(15*)% of main attrib + 2 hp regen per sec/10(30*)% of main attrib + 4 hp regen per sec/15(45*)% of main attrib + 6 hp regen per sec/20(60*)% of main attrib + 8 hp regen per sec
  • Duration: 16 seconds
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • Cast Range: 450
  • Mana: 170

This is Huskar’s only ability that costs mana and as such it’s great to have at least one point in it, early game. The bonus regen, shown in parenthesis, kicks in when Huskar is bellow 40% hp.

Burning Spear

  • Targets: Enemy units
  • Effects: 4/8/12/16 damage per second per stack, no cap
  • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Cost: 15 health
  • Cast Range: 450
  • Cooldown: 0

Berserker’s Blood

  • Effects: 3% IAS and 2 damage/6% IAS and 4 damage/9% IAS and 6 damage/12% IAS and 8 damage per stack
  • Mechanics: Every 7% hp lost, gives one stack. First stack starts at 100% hp.

Life Break

  • Targets: Enemy units
  • Effects: Huskar charges the target, slowing its move speed by 50% for 5 seconds
  • Damage: Deals 50% of target’s current hp
  • Cost: 35/30/25% of your current hp
  • Cooldown: 45/30/15 seconds
  • Cast Range: 550

Huskar Skill Builds

  1. Burning Spear
  2. Berserker’s Blood
  3. Berserker’s Blood
  4. Inner Vitality
  5. Berserker’s Blood
  6. Life Break
  7. Berserker’s Blood (maxed)
  8. Burning Spear
  9. Burning Spear
  10. Burning Spear (maxed)
  11. Life Break
  12. Inner Vitality
  13. Inner Vitality
  14. Inner Vitality (maxed)
  15. Stats
  16. Life Break

Burning Spear is taken at level one, because it either allows you to get first blood, when paired with disables, or it allows you to harass without aggroing the creeps. Berserker’s Blood is maxed first, because it’s Huskar’s entire concept and mechanics, is based around that skill.

Life Break is an on demand activation of a lot of stacks of Berserker’s Blood, directly increasing his DPS, while also giving him a ton of IAS to throw multiple Burning Spear’s in a short amount of time.

You end up doing more DPS with Burning Spear, by maxing Berserker’s Blood, than you do actually maxing Burning Spear first.

One point in Inner Vitality will save you more times than you can count and really helps with your hp regen, once you’re out of Tangos, and you’ve picked up a Helm of Iron Will.

Huskar Recommended Item Builds

Following are some of the recommended item builds for Huskar:
Starting items: 2x Crushing Claws, 2x Iron Branches, 2xTango
Early game: Boots, Helm of Iron Will
Core: Armlet of Mordiggian, Power Treads
Luxury: Black King Bar, Satanic, Assault Cuirass

There’s not much to stay about the start items, for they’re there to just bad your stats, and to make laning generally easier.

Early game, you’ll want the obvious quick boots, followed by Helm of Iron Will. The helm will be built into your super fast Armlet of Mordiggian, while also enabling you to be better at trading blows with your opponents, in lane.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be ignoring everything in favor of rushing that Armlet of Mordiggian. That item is simply made for Huskar, and even silly things like upgrading boots will take a back seat in priority.

Armlet simply has everything Huskar could ever want. HP regen helps mitigate all the health he uses to cast his abilities. The armor greatly helps to fix his poor armor. The damage and attack speed are perfect for a carry like Huskar, who needs both.

Most of all, though, the activatable effects of +25 strength, 31 damage, and 10 attack speed turn him into a DPS monster, for such a small price.

The only downside is the 37 true damage he takes per second, which is negligible because it takes 13 seconds for the DoT to remove more hp than the Armlet gives you. Considering most fights don’t even last that long, it’s a non-issue.

A neat trick to use with this mechanic, is to cast Huskar’s ultimate, which removes a % of your current hp, and then immediately activate Armlet, effectively restoring most of, if not more than the hp that you lost, to cast your ultimate.

If that wasn’t already game winning enough, now you’ll be healing a ridiculous amount of health per second, because Inner Vitality heals you based on your Strength, which Armlet gives a lot of, for a really, really cheap price.

Satanic is an interesting item for Huskar. It’s not core, but come end game when you’re sitting at 30% and bellow hp, you’re going to want to stop casting Burning Spear in favor of using the lifesteal of Satanic to keep you alive, and hovering around the 30% mark.

Just because you have Satanic, doesn’t mean you have to stop using Burning Spear completely. Try to pick and choose depending on the situation.

If you need less hp, and want to deal more damage, use Burning Spear. If you desperately need to stay alive, while people have committed to killing you, stop using Burning Spear, and start stealing some life!

Strategy Tips

Huskar is what I like to call, a kill lane carry. If you put him in the short lane, with an ally that can stun, or otherwise heavily CC the other players, you will be getting kill after kill all throughout the laning phase.

Even without a dedicated support, Huskar fairs better than most hard carries due to the nature of his early game prowess.

It’s very easy for Huskar to get into a harassing match with another player, because by manually casting his orb attack, you’ll avoid aggroing the creep wave, unlike your opponent, who will have to eat a face full of creeps if he want to keep attacking you. Furthermore, the more Huskar is harassed, the stronger he gets.

Very few people can beat Huskar in such a match, but if you’re up against dual stuns, then it’s time to either get an immediate lane swap, or start playing unbelievably passive.

Dual stun lanes are feared in general, but Huskar fears them especially, due to the nature of Huskar’s mechanics. You’re not much of a threat at high hp, but against dual stuns, you’re dead if you’re bellow 60% hp.

The most enjoyable aspect of Huskar, is that his core is finished, and he starts to come online 20-30 minutes before any other hard-carry, depending your, and their farm.

Armlet of Mordiggian only costs 2600 gold, and its build up is extremely easy. Comprising of items that you’d want anyway, for the early game. Once you farm up your Armlet, proceed to be the man around town, and start to assassinate loan targets by casting your ult, and then once you see your hp has been removed for casting your ult, proceed to activate Armlet and win.

If no one is alone, start to commune with your teams gankers/assassins. Assassins love Huskar, because he removes such a large chunk of someone’s hp with his ult, bringing them low enough for any assassin worth their salt, to burst down instantly. Which very quickly turns any fight in your favor.

Come team fights, the only weakness Huskar will have, is dealing with disables. Because Huskar does most of his damage at frighteningly low hp, it is often the case that people with hard disables, will save them until Huskar gets to the 30-40% hp mark, to finish him off just as he starts to become most effective at dealing damage.

That is why, Huskar absolutely needs a Black King Bar. It’s important to note that, Inner Vitality only works if you cast it before you activate Black King Bar. Because Black King Bar makes you magic immune, you’ll be unable to cast Inner Vitality on yourself once Black King Bar is activated.

Knowing when and who to ult as Huskar is probably the most important aspect to playing him successfully. It’s important to note that sometimes, it’s not worth casting your ultimate at all, or at least holding onto it for most of the battle.

Come team fights, you’ll have your team mates to disable targets for you, so the slow component of your ult isn’t necessarily needed. You’ll be taking enough damage as is, considering you’re your teams hard carry, and everyone on the other team will want you dead.

Removing a large chunk of your hp by ulting, and putting yourself out of position with the leap component of Huskar’s ult, will only serve to put you in a bad situation you can’t dps your way out of.

Life Break is generally reserved for small skirmishes, so in the case of a team fight, you’ll often use it once the major fighting has died down, and you need to catch stragglers, or deal a large chunk of damage to someone who strangely has a lot of hp left.

Huskar is one of the most on-the-edge-of-your-seat characters in the game. Playing him is always an intense experience that is highly rewarding when you pull it off, and extremely infuriating when you fail. But it all seems to be worth it, when you start getting multi-kills, while being at sub 10% hp.