“Battlefield 5” Seen via Google’s Project Glass

While DICE and EA hasn’t announced the next entry in the Battlefield franchise, that hasn’t stopped Youtube user ThereIsaCanal¬†from showing off “Battlefield 5;” and it’s even running on Google’s “Project Glass!”

For those who’re not familiar with the technology, Google is currently developing an eyewear that shows augmented reality tech replacing mobile phones. You can take a look of that tech demo here.

I admit, it’s quite hard to explain the tech and even harder how it integrates into Battlefield 3. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Needless to say, this game is not real or is even being developed by DICE and EA. It’s just a fan-made project. While that fact is obvious, its’ better to state it plainly, lest someone runs around telling people that the next Battlefield will be a virtual reality simulator.

Here’s to hoping we’ll get to play something like this in the future!

Source: Gameranx