Sony Teases New God of War Related Game on April 19

Sony has just posted a teaser on their official Facebook page. The tease shows an image with the words “Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?” with the date “04.19.12” also shown on the bottom.

It’s been speculated that the image pin-points to a God of War reveal…God of War IV, perhaps? The speculation even gains more steam by going to the Facebook page, click on the “4,19” date tab at the top and you’ll end up at an enlarged image of the tease.

Once there, look at the source or grab the image URL and you’ll see its location in the SCEA server — which reads as:

Yep, that’s “GOWa,” with the “_fb” obviously standing for Facebook. Unless Sony has managed to convince Microsoft to let Gears of War appear on their system, there’s only other game with the same initials…and that’s God of War.

What’s interesting here is that if this is indeed God of War IV or a version of the franchise for PS Vita, why not announce the game at this year’s E3 to build more hype? Unless this announcement is an announcement that they’ll officially reveal God of War IV at the event itself? In which case, it wouldn’t surprise me as much as game companies are doing this more and more often.

Source: TheSixthAxis