Rumor: Next PlayStation to have Native OpenGL Support

Rumor has it the next-generation PlayStation (code named Orbis) will likely have ‘native OpenGL’.

An anonymous insider source of informed the website that apart from the supposedly verified codename, news is that the next-gen PS console will have native OpenGL support.

““OpenGL is a layered API on the PS3,” our source told us. “It’s much easier to use than LibGCM, which is the main PS3 system.”

For those who wish it to be translated into English, the PS4 or ‘Orbis’ will natively support OpenGL which will allow for much easier coding for developers, and may even lower the stress on the hardware of the console, hence allowing for better performance in games.

Of course, this is all just a rumor and nothing to be taken for granted (same goes for the codename). However, it never really hurts to know a statement that might just be a true fact of something you so badly want as a part of your future.