Prototype 2 Weapons Trailer – Big Guns And Crazy Destruction

Guns baby guns! Actually, there’s no valid reason to be carrying around guns when you can simply devour enemies or make them into fountains of blood just by falling on the ground, but Prototype 2 gives you enough to create some crazy mayhem in an already insane and gory city.

A new trailer showing exactly just the kind of toys you can play with has been released, and Heller boy puts on a good display of what he can do with them.

The size and ridiculousness of the guns is almost amusingly unrealistic. But then again, isn’t a giant lump of flesh sprouting out the road in the same league of unrealism as well?

Prototype 2 arrives for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 24 for North America and April 27 for Europe. The PC version will arrive in late July.