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Mass Effect 3 Patch Causing Lots of Problems on Xbox 360

The new Mass Effect 3 patch for Xbox 360 seems to be causing more problems than it has solved, as reports have been coming in of various bugs including few that can shut down your console.

Users have also encountered major issues with the face-import software in the game, and some have lost their DLC content and kills. Other worse bugs have actually shut down the console completely.

BioWare Social members have for now deduced a possible workaround: restart your Xbox after downloading the patch, then clear the cache by heading to System, then Memory and pressing Y, insert Disc 1, load up the game and download the patch once more.

Of course, this is a terrible solution for a set of problems that should never have really existed.

Let us know of any other issues you are facing, and possible solutions to any others that you have come across and solved.

Source: OXM